If you want me to speak, your budget better be higher than $2k.

WHOLE PhD over here.

I encourage ev'rebody Black in tech, data, CS, AI, etc. with or without degrees to make their MINIMUM speaker fee to be $3k. Why? Because we account for ~5% of these industries.

We bring the texture.

This masterclass is a perfect starter guide for the educator, instructor and/or researcher who speaks often on-the-job, but shy away from charging a fee to speaking publicly. You have the expertise and a message to share that's prime for earning dollars -- when you're know what to ask. Learn how to get paid your speaker's fee worth!

What you'll get:

Develop your speaker fee blueprint

Learn how to demonstrate your impact to potential clients

Receive my top-10 questions to ask BEFORE agreeing to a speaking engagement


  Getting Comfortable Asking for Compensation
Available in days
days after you enroll